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by on May 22, 2017

Source: Daniel Peck

Stephen Hall joined the firm in April 2017 and works primarily in the Land Use & Zoning Practice Group in the Prince William office. Stephen received his undergraduate degree in policy studies and religion from Syracuse University. Before law school, he spent six months as a night stocker and receiver at a Lowe’s store outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. Soon after, he attended Washington and Lee University School of Law. After completing law school, he worked as a judicial clerk for the Alexandria Circuit Court.

The Land Lawyers: Are you from this area? And if not, where did you grow up?

SH: I am not from here originally, but I have moved to this area three times. First, I lived in Washington, D.C., for a couple of months after I graduated from Syracuse. During that time I worked as an unpaid economic policy intern during the day and a waiter at night and on weekends. Next, I lived in Rockville during the summer between my 1L and 2L years while I interned for the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office. Finally, I moved to Alexandria in May 2015 after I graduated from W&L. That said, I spent my formative years in Beavercreek, Ohio.

TLL: What did you think you wanted to be when you were younger?

SH: When I was a child I wanted to be a naval flight officer like my father, but around my freshman year of high school I decided I wanted to be a lawyer.

TLL: What interested you about the legal field?

SH: I wish I had a less cliché story, but I loved the show “Law & Order” when I was in high school and I wanted to be Jack McCoy. My interest in the law was solidified when I took a constitutional law class from a local community college during my junior year of high school.

TLL: Are you involved with any civic, professional, or philanthropic organizations in the area?

SH: I am currently a member of the Alexandria Bar Association, but I look forward to having the opportunity to contribute my time and talents to the Prince William County Bar Association and other professional and community organizations in the area.

TLL: You work primarily with the Land Use & Zoning Practice Group. Explain what type of issues you handle.

SH: A lot of what I do is helping to find the best path forward for clients with zoning problems. This involves listening to the client’s needs, reviewing the Zoning Ordinance, Comprehensive Plan, and other resources, and providing the firm’s advice to the client so they can make an informed decision.

TLL: How long have you been working for the firm?

SH: Around two months.

TLL: Aside from a very busy schedule, what do you do for fun?

SH: I love hiking and watching sports. I’m a huge fan of Syracuse and the Cincinnati Bengals, so it was a pretty rough year for me. Fortunately, the ineptitude of my teams was mitigated by all the live local sports I watch in this area. I try to get out and watch live sports whenever I have the opportunity.

TLL: Do you have a hero or heroine?

SH: My mom is my heroine. She is loving, supportive, persistent, and determined. She always encouraged me to try my best and was always proud of me. I would not be where I am today without her.

TLL: What is your favorite meal?

SH: This is a difficult question! I am a huge fan of slow cooked brisket. My stepfather makes a brisket that will knock your socks off. If I could eat that every day and remain healthy I almost certainly would.

TLL: What part of the world would you most like to visit?

SH: If I could visit anywhere in the world, I’d see Istanbul. The history of that city, ranging from Justinian to the Ottomans to the present day, is fascinating to me. If nothing else, I would love to see the Hagia Sophia in person.

TLL: Why do you think Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley & Walsh is a great place to work?

SH: I really could not ask to work with better people. Everybody I’ve met so far is interesting, kind, and absolutely brilliant. The people here are so great that it is almost intimidating at times, but it gives me something to aspire to as a new employee.

TLL: Thank you, Steve!

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