Monday, Jan 05, 2015

Arlington Board Approves Updates to Green Building Incentive Program

Green Building GraphicArlington County’s Green Building Incentive Program reached another milestone on November 15, when the County Board approved Staff proposals developed in response to the new LEED v4 standards. The amendments to the program incorporate greater post-construction energy efficiency requirements and create a unified set of density bonuses applicable to both residential and commercial projects. In addition, the program now offers density bonuses for constructing net-zero emissions buildings and for incorporating Arlington County “priority” elements into eligible development projects.  Furthermore, affordable housing projects may now participate in the program through certification under the Earthcraft standards.

These updates advance the Green Building Incentive Program in anticipation of upcoming changes to LEED and the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code, as well as to incorporate performance-based elements. Although participation in the program will remain voluntary, the Staff and the County Board view the program as an important incentive encouraging developers to adopt green building practices.

The revisions to the Green Building Incentive Program will become effective immediately, but site plan projects accepted by the County Manager before September 30, 2015, may continue to use the 2012 version of the Green Building Density Incentive Policy, including the LEED 2009 rating system.  Site plan projects accepted after September 30, 2015, must use the updated policy and LEED v4.

To learn more about the Arlington County’s Green Building Incentive Program visit their website.