Monday, Jun 23, 2014

One-Million Square Feet of Mixed Use Approved in Arlington

On June 14, 2014, Virginia land use attorney, Nan Walsh, presented to the Arlington County Board a project comprised of approximately 1 million square feet located in Rosslyn, on behalf of Monday Properties. Specifically, the County Board approved a major redevelopment plan known as 1401 Wilson Boulevard and 1400 Key Boulevard, located at the prominent intersection of Wilson Boulevard between N. Nash Street and N. Oak Street. Under the C-O-Rosslyn zoning district and site plan approval, Monday Properties will pursue the development of a 28-story, 273-unit, residential building and a 24-story, 524,135 sf office building.

The development includes a number of community-serving elements including a 44,409 sf full-service grocery store, 11,000 sf of street-fronting retail along Wilson Boulevard wrapping onto N. Oak Street (with 100 dedicated parking spaces for the retail uses), and over one acre of open space that includes public plazas and multi-use spaces. This project is the first in Arlington to incorporate the concept of an “18th Street Corridor” in the form of a pedestrian through-block connection from N. Nash to N. Oak Streets as called for in Arlington County’s “Realize Rosslyn” Plan, a long range planning document for the future of Rosslyn that is still a work-in-progress.

The application of the 18th Street Corridor concept, which is an east/west pedestrian and vehicular connection through Rosslyn, to the Monday project, takes the form of a 30-foot wide public pedestrian thoroughfare that will be open to the public 24/7 and will be surrounded by public gardens with a variety of active and passive design elements. Both the residential and office buildings include high-quality architectural design and materials that are contemporary and yet reminiscent of an earlier design era in Rosslyn’s development history. An interesting feature of the redevelopment includes a commemorative element memorializing the iconic Watergate scandal that began with Bob Woodward’s encounter with the informant known as “Deep Throat” in the parking garage of the existing building at 1401 Wilson Boulevard.

Mixed Use Approval