Thursday, Feb 11, 2016

Employee Spotlight – Ed Encarnacion

Photograph of Ed Encarnacion
Source: Susan Lynch

Accountant Ed Encarnacion adjusted to the firm’s culture within hours of starting his job. But before he accepted the position, he wasn’t sure if he’d be working for attorneys like Matlock, Claire Huxtable, or Saul Goodman, or if his days would play out like an episode of L.A. Law or Ally McBeal. (Disclaimer—Ed acknowledges he watches way too much television.)

The Land Lawyers: As an accountant, you’ve worked for a number of companies in various industries over the past 19 years but never at a law firm.
Ed Encarnacion: That’s correct. I have worked for many industries including large truck manufacturing, medical device start-ups, marketing, travel, and home loans.

TLL: You landed at The Land Lawyers. Did you solve the equation?
EE: In terms of work-life-play balance, so far, yes! After being with a company in Alexandria for seven years, working long hours and weekends, I decided to “retire” for a few months and get my priorities straight.

TLL: What are your responsibilities at Walsh Colucci and how are they different from what you did at
EE: Pretty much everything related to accounting. It’s almost the same job as compared to my old company except here I am only dealing with one company whereas there I was dealing with seven. Also, an added responsibility will be performing “Baby Got Back” at every Holiday Party.

TLL: It was an easy transition for you then?
EE: In a sense, yes. As I was being introduced around the office my first day, I noticed that everyone was genuinely nice. That was the first big difference. A friend of mine told me to have an accounting joke ready to use as an icebreaker (What’s the difference between accountants and lawyers? Accountants actually admit they are boring.), but I didn’t have to use it. What took some time getting used to was legal jargon and terminology—land use, zoning, complex commercial business, trusts, estate planning, eminent domain. I’d heard these terms before, but I’ve never actually worked with them. And, the acronyms—CLE, NVBIA, SCC, NAIOP, VBA—made me think of KFC, BLTs, and PB&J.

TLL: Needless to say, you made the right decision to work for Walsh Colucci?
EE: I can honestly say I made the right decision. The people here are nice and as someone who processes the checks, it is nice to be a part of a company that is involved in the communities where they work and abundantly support so many causes and charities.

TLL: You’ve found a good work-life balance here. What do you like to do in your spare time then?
EE: Going to sporting events of my favorite teams: Redskins, Wizards, Capitals, Nationals, Orioles, and Virginia Tech. I also enjoy hanging out with my three nieces who are currently 5, 3, and 1. The best part about being an uncle is that I never have to say “no” and after four or five hours of watching them, I just hand them back.

TLL: Do you have a favorite meal?
EE: A perfectly cooked New York strip steak, or pretty much anything that involves beef, chicken, pork, venison, fish, etc. Let’s just say I will not be eating at a tofu or vegan restaurant anytime soon.

TLL: Do you have a hero? Heroine?
EE: Cal Ripken, Jr. Anyone who can go to work, in his case play baseball, for 2,632 consecutive games is just incredible.

TLL: Thanks, Ed. Speaking for all The Land Lawyers, we are really happy you’re here, too.