Thursday, Jun 10, 2021

Kathryn Taylor Graduates from the Leadership Fairfax Institute

Written By Leah Smith, Summer Intern

Our own Kathy Taylor graduated from the Leadership Fairfax Institute (LFI) this past weekend, having completed the 10 month program. LFI trains individuals to become more effective leaders, and to take initiative in their own communities. Participants are taught, using a continuous improvement model, to engage with others, brainstorm creative solutions, and identify and resolve issues facing the community. Study groups, training seminars, and interactions with community decision makers

By learning from and connecting with peers, program members deepen their leadership competencies, focus their leadership vision, and gain an in-depth knowledge about Fairfax county engagement. Others in our office who have completed this program include Lynne Strobel – now an LFI board member – and Bob Brant. Lynne affirms that “The Leadership Fairfax Institute provides a solid foundation to engage in those issues most critical to Fairfax County. I am proud to serve on its Board, and am delighted that Bob Brant, Class of 2019, and Kathy Taylor, Class of 2021, chose to complete the program. As a result of his experience in LFI, Bob now serves on the Board of Langley Residential Support Services.” The effects of the LFI program are pronounced as many graduates become community leaders. We are excited for Kathy and will be thrilled to witness the continuous benefits of the LFI program.