Wednesday, Oct 14, 2015

Town of Warrenton Approves Poet’s Walk Memory Care Facility

Contributing Authors: Jessica Pfeiffer and Christine Gleckner

Source: Photo courtesy of Silver Companies

Shareholder John Foote and Land Use Planner Jessica Pfeiffer recently worked with Silver Companies on a successful rezoning and special use permit for a new memory care facility in the Town of Warrenton. The applications received final approval by the Town Council in September 2015.

The facility, which will be located on the east side of Blackwell Road, north of the Route 17 Spur, and immediately south of the boundary between the Town and Fauquier County, will consist of 37,500 square feet and have approximately 60 beds. The facility will employ approximately 55 highly trained employees and provide state-of-the-art care.

A memory care facility is a specialized form of assisted living facility exclusively for residents with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other forms of dementia and mental impairment. The Silver Companies is aware that 5.5 million people have already been diagnosed with a memory care illness, and the Alzheimer’s Association is predicting that number will double over the next 20 years.

Other Poet’s Walk locations in Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, and Loudoun Counties are either open or under construction. Land Use Planner Christine Gleckner recently obtained zoning approvals for a 168-bed facility in the Oaklawn mixed-use development in the Town of Leesburg, and Land Use Planner Bill Keefe is currently assisting Silver Companies to gain legislative land use approvals for a Poet’s Walk facility in Loudoun County’s Lansdowne planned community.