Friday, Mar 18, 2016

Poland Hill Will Embody Progress, Stewardship, and Community in Loudoun County

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Source: Poland Hill

The owners of a section of farmland in Loudoun County have decided the time is right to establish a perennial legacy on the land that provided for them for more than a century.

For four generations, the Poland family has owned and farmed an area of Loudoun County south of Route 50 that once encompassed all of South Riding. As time passed, portions of the land were sold and subdivided to make way for suburban growth. What is left of the farm today, now owned by Charles and Betty Poland, Betty Poland Kenyon, and their neighbors of twenty years, Ralph and Eileen Polachek, is entirely surrounded by those subdivisions.

The Polands and Polacheks decided they needed to determine the future of their four-parcel, 52.98-acre assemblage of farmland. Their goal was to leave a lasting legacy on the cherished land that had sustained them for generations. With this as their guiding principle, the Polands and Polacheks developed the idea for a multi-generational community that would enable young families to live in the same community as their older relatives. They would call it Poland Hill.

Given the growth pressures facing Loudoun County, garnering approvals for residential rezoning applications can be a challenging endeavor. The Polands and Polacheks contacted land-use attorney Andrew Painter and land-use planner Michael Romeo to bring the concept plan for Poland Hill—a community that would include 219 dwelling units and a 70,000–square-foot assisted living facility specializing in memory care services—in front of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

On December 16, 2015, the Board unanimously approved the Poland Hill legislative applications. This approval serves as not only the conclusion of a successful legislative application process, but the continuation of a legacy of stewardship exemplified by the Poland and Polachek families that will now benefit future generations. When completed, Poland Hill’s 219 dwelling units will be composed of 66 non–age restricted single-family detached units, 29 age-restricted single-family detached units, 46 age-restricted single-family attached units, 78 age-restricted multi-family units, and an assisted living facility specializing in memory care services.

For more information about multi-generational communities, please email Andrew Painter or Michael Romeo.