Wednesday, Jun 08, 2016

Prince William Board of County Supervisors Adopts Resolution in Response to Proffer Reform Bill (Senate Bill 549, Va. Code §15.2-2303.4)

Prince William, VA — The Prince William Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) adopted a resolution on May 17, 2016, in response to the Proffer Reform Bill which takes effect July 1, 2016. The resolution makes significant changes to the County’s current zoning policies and calls for a number of follow-up staff directives. The resolution:

  1. repeals the Policy Guide for Monetary Contributions (i.e., the 2014 “Proffer Guidelines”), which historically provided zoning applicants suggested monetary proffer amounts for residential rezonings (e.g., $44,930 per single-family unit; $39,837 per townhouse unit; and $26,778 per multifamily unit);
  2.  directs County staff to prepare policy proposals “related to mitigating the impacts of proposed residential rezonings and proffer amendments for the Board’s consideration” and to initiate a Comprehensive Plan amendment to review all level of service standards including the capacity of County infrastructure; and
  3.  requires applicants (for cases filed after July 1, 2016) to: (i) identify the proposed impacts of a rezoning or proffer amendment proposal, (ii) propose mitigation strategies addressing the impacts, and (iii) demonstrate how the proposed mitigation is sufficient and consistent with state law.

Applicants will be required to pay new application fees (amounts not yet determined) for the County’s review of the analyses and reports submitted with applications.

While the BOCS resolution will not be publicly available in final form until June 21, a working draft of the resolution can be found by clicking here.

Please direct any questions you may have regarding the BOCS resolution to Pete Dolan or Jay du Von in our Prince William office: (703) 680-4664,, or