Thursday, Dec 14, 2017

Recent Zoning Text Amendments in Prince William County

On October 17, 2017, the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors adopted four zoning text amendments designed to provide flexibility for site development and to increase the commercial tax base. Specifically, the ordinances accomplish the following:

  • Allow flexibility in Planned Business Districts and in the Technology Overlay District that will permit the waiving of use restrictions through a proffered rezoning;
  • Permit the Planning Director to grant minor modifications of approved special use permit conditions and proffer conditions in certain circumstances;
  • Increase the amount of outdoor storage permitted in light industrial districts from 20% to 40% so long as that outdoor storage is screened; and
  • Permit drive-through facilities without receiving a special use permit so long as the facility is specifically identified through a proffered rezoning.

Links to the approved zoning text amendments are below: