Friday, Jun 22, 2012

Rosslyn Sector Plan

Rosslyn, connected to the District of Columbia by the Key Bridge, is considered by many as Arlington County’s “downtown” of the Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor. It includes a significant amount of office space, a number of corporate and government tenants, and is the location of the new Artisphere. There has been recent development activity in Rosslyn with the approval of JBG’s Central Place and Monday Properties 1812 N. Moore Street developments. Both of these developments, as well as general growth in the County, have brought to light questions about the future of Rosslyn in terms of built-form, urban design, the skyline, open space, as well as other elements. In response and because development in Rosslyn is guided by the 1977 Rosslyn Transit Station Area Study and the 1992 Rosslyn Station Area Plan Addendum, Arlington County has initiated an effort to update the 1992 Rosslyn Station Area Plan Addendum. On June 14, 2011, the County Board approved a 2012 Rosslyn Sector Plan Addendum Scope of Work, which will build on the 1992 Rosslyn Station Area Plan Addendum. The new Rosslyn planning effort will focus on creating a framework to improve urban design quality, refining and improving transportation options, recommending a building heights strategy, and developing a more cohesive and functional parks and open space network. Currently, this planning effort is in the beginning stages, which includes initial engagement of the community and stakeholders, as well as the engagement of a consultant to aid Arlington County in its efforts to update the 1992 Rosslyn Station Area Plan Addendum. Arlington County hopes to complete the update by the Fall of 2012.