Friday, Jul 24, 2020

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Approves ​Twin Creeks Rezoning

A balance of environmental preservation and development potential are elevated to a new level with the recently approved Twin Creeks application. Fronting on over 2,200 feet of undisturbed Goose Creek frontage at the confluence of Sycolin Creek in Loudoun County, the 60-acre Twin Creeks rezoning, special exception, and zoning modification application exemplifies best practices for the accommodation of development while preserving significant environmental features for future public use.

The Twin Creeks approval permits over 1.5 million square feet of industrial development, which is ideally suited for data center development, under the Planned Development – General Industry zoning district. This approval includes the increase of FAR from .40 to .60 as well as the reduction of setbacks along the possible future extension of Gloucester Parkway through the property. Through the rezoning process, the Countywide Transportation Plan (“CTP”) alignment of Gloucester Parkway was shifted to accommodate site constraints. An option to develop the property without Gloucester Parkway, if it’s removed from the CTP, will enable additional development flexibility and the preservation of more environmentally sensitive features.

Over 13 acres of open space and passive park land will be preserved along Goose Creek and Sycolin Creek, which includes some of the widest open space preservation buffers along Goose Creek in Loudoun County. This open space will accommodate future trail access and serve to preserve steep slopes, forest stands, and floodplain areas for future public use. This open space was preserved in consultation with the Emerald Ribbons Committee and the Goose Creek Scenic River Advisory Committee.

The approval of the Twin Creeks application represents an ideal model for the preservation of open space and public usage of natural areas while accommodating the needs of development. Twin Creeks is currently available for sale. Any interested parties should contact John Ryan at CBRE.


Image Source: Greenway Engineering