Land Use Planners

At WCL&W, Professional Planners (also known as Land Use Coordinators) occupy a unique professional niche at our firm. They handle many of the details of our zoning cases, from researching the relevant history of a property and preparing reports, to working with the client’s consultants and other players to prepare and submit applications. Planners also interact with appropriate county staff to review and revise applications as necessary, and attend public meetings where they make presentations and answer community members’ questions.

Key personal strengths for this position include attention to detail, poise and composure in public speaking situations. Planners at our offices typically have Bachelors or Masters degrees in Urban and Regional Planning, Landscape Architecture, or related fields. Just as important as their educational background, we look for candidates with direct work experience in the planning or zoning functions of local governments. Depending on which jurisdiction they serve, Planners also attend evening or weekend meetings as part of their job.


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